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Polyester zine issue eight Cupcakke Polly nor magazine

Issue Eight

  • 116 full cover pages, perfect bound on uncoated paper throughout.
  • Cover feature one: CupcakKe by Ashley Armitage.
  • Cover feature two: Polly Nor shot by Camille Mariet, illustration by Polly Nor.

Our eighth zine features/work by: CupcakKe, Polly Nor, The Slumflower, Sateen, Penelope Gazin, Tabloid Art History, Lula Hyers, Ashley Armitage, Camille Mariet, Mile van der Linden, Chloe Sheppard, Lauren Tepfer, Christina Poku, Miss Meatface, Rachel Hodgson, Lauren O’Neill, Maggie Matic, Rene Matic, Megan Tatem, JMKE, Gina Canavan, Jender Anomie, Misha MN and more!

Please note, this is a pre-order. All orders will be shipped out after the launch on the 2nd of August. In London on the 2nd of August? Come to our launch party! All details here.



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Outof stockpolyester zine have faith in your bad taste

“Have Faith In Your Bad Taste” Limited Edition T-Shirt


We’ve made merch! Super limited edition so snag one of our tees before they’re gone forever!

  • Limited edition Polyester “Have Faith in Your Own Taste” long sleeve black Fruit On The Loom t-shirt.
  • Screen printed and shipped from London, shipping available worldwide. All profit from t-shirts goes directly into funding our next print issue!
  • Please note: This is a pre-order, all orders will be shipped out after production is complete in 1-3 weeks. Exact colour, size, and placement of design is subject to change. Please email with any enquiries. All purchases will receive notification when shipped and are non-refundable.

SIZE GUIDE: (in inches)

S 27.5 18 8 25
M 28.5 20 8 25.5
L 29.5 22 8.25 26
XL 30.5 24 8.5 27
2XL 31.5 26 8.75 28
3XL 32.5 29 9 N/A
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Another Year, Another Existential Crisis


Three limited edition zines to celebrate our third birthday. Available to buy individually for £5, or as a multipack for £12.

All copies shipped W/C 16th October.


A zine set across the course of a night at a birthday party. Cover by Laura Callaghan. 34 pages on uncoated paper throughout.


A zine exploring the many ‘deplorable’ tropes of femininity. Cover by Scarlett Carlos Clarke. 66 pages on uncoated paper throughout.


Essays themed around birthdays. All photography by Chloe Sheppard. 48 pages uncoated paper throughout.

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Issue Six



  • 100 full colour pages, staple bound on uncoated paper throughout.
  • Cover feature one Clementine Creevy of Cherry Glazerr shot by Parker Day.
  • Cover feature two shot by Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee.

Our sixth zine features/work by: Pussy Riot, Smart Girl Club (Princess Nokia), The Love Witch, Cherry Glazerr, Lora Mathis, Ambivalently Yours, Panteha Abareshi, Laurence Philomene, Wolfie, edward meadham, Bao Ngo, Nicolette Clara Iles, Lauren O’Neill, Rachel Hodgson, Elizabeth Lee, Liv Thurley, Brie Moreno, Hobbes Ginsberg, Tayler Smith, Alice Longyu Gao, Camille Mariet, and many, many more!

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Issue Five (Download)


Download Issue Five!

Originally released August 2016. Issue five features/work by: HANA, JD Samson, Edward Meadham, Hobbes Ginsberg, Ashley Armitage, Chloe Sheppard, Liv Fontaine, Chloe Feller, Zhala, Ceedling, Brie Moreno, Grace Miceli, ROWAN, Brigid Deacon, Parker Day, Panteha Abareshi, Maja Lyse, Maisie Cousins, and many more.

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Issue Four (Download)


Download Issue Four!

Originally released February 2016. Issue four features: Tavi Gevinson, Namilia, Tayler Smith, Gogo Graham, Sanam Sindhi, Rina Sawayama, Victoria Sin, Liv Wynter – artist, Brie Moreno, Molly Soda, Ceedling and more.

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Issue Three (Download)


Download Issue Three!

Originally released July 2015. Issue three features: Mary Benson/ Viv Albertine/ Dream Wife/ Lorde inc/ Signe Pierce & more. With work from: Maisie Cousins/ Eleanor Hardwick/ Delilah Holliday/ Chloe Newman/ Freel & Gorse/ Hatti Rex, amongst others.

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