When it comes to Elouiza, all that glitters is gold

The formidable singer/songwriter Elouiza is an artist working within the relms of music, fashion and film. Heres what Elouiza has to say about her new Amy-Winehouse-esque song Gold.

“The song Gold was a therapeutic process writing it with my ‘basically -cousin’ Jilaine. I started writing it at time when the person who it’s about nearly snuffed out any hope I had left and took advantage of me and the situation I was in. But inspired by the Japanese art Kintsugi, where they take broken pieces of pottery and seal the cracks with gold and see it as more valuable than it was before it was broken. Some situations come into your life to teach you to value yourself more. This song for me is so personal and soul-bearing I see it as a marker of my strength.”