We Take on (Chronic) Illness in Our Latest Podcast Episode

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In a special themed episode of the podcast, we’re discussing all things (chronic) illness related. Whether you deal with a chronic illness, disability, mental illness, or know someone who does; we’ll be diving in to diagnosis, how to feel less alone, dealing with the hospital, finding a community, and much more.


Kicking off with ask an expert, we’re speaking to Sick Sad Girlz, the Instagram account and online community helping those dealing with health conditions of any kind find their people and support. Asking their loyal followers to tell them where it hurts, in this chat we get to know Sick Sad Girlz founder Rosa Mercuriadis to find out why she started the account, and why building a community based on mutual understanding and shared experience is so vital for those dealing with health conditions.

Rosa and Ione are joined by Sick Sad Girlz member and musician Kenzie,  and in this chat the trio tackle everything from wellness, to isolation, and what not to say to the Sick Sad Girlz in your life.


For this weeks Obsession series, Ione is talking to long-term Polyester contributor, 19 year old L.A based artist Panteha Abareshi, about their obsession with death; in particular in relation to their disability and chronic health issues. Diagnosed with Sickle Cell at a young age, Panteha creates art across a variety of mediums that tackles societies inability to talk seriously about illness, death, infertility and much more.

To accompany this episode, Panteha has donated a one-off print of her latest work, ‘No Keepsakes’, with all funds raised towards the sale being donated to The Disability Rights Education and Defence Fund. Click here to have a look, or search ‘polyesterzine’ in the Depop app and follow our shop! Every episode we’ll be uploading special and exclusive items from our guests to raise money for charity. 


The Polyester Podcast is brought to you by Polyester’s founding editor in chief Ione Gamble (@ionegamble), and co-hosted and produced by Olivia Graham. Thank you to our assistant Jemima Skala. This weeks artwork has been created by episode guest Brie Moreno. The Polyester podcast is supported by Depop, with new episodes released every other week.