Vanity Care on Valentines

What is value? Well, it can revolve around a lot of things. Summer Scott explores her own Self Love and Vanity Care in a Valentines photo series.

Vanity Care is a term I use to refer to outright self-indulgence in the mental well being of ourselves. We are starting skin care routines but for the mind. With a focus on what intake in to our minds makes us feel good, we can exercise those pathways in the brain to get rid of that voice that’s still there saying “it’s cute you’re trying this whole self-love thing but you know that’s only for people who aren’t like you right?”

By exercising Vanity Care, I’ve personally noticed the ways I idolise other people and have used those ways to worship myself. Just enough to feel happy whilst avoiding any need to put myself above other people, which shows more insecurities in ourselves than it shows confidence.

The key is to do so in a way where we aren’t depending on validation from others .

On social media, I notice the way certain accounts make me feel. Even if it’s beautiful photography, art or a person’s outlook on life I’m following for. If the imagery I’m consuming regularly makes me feel uncomfortable with my own self, I unfollow. It’s nothing against the owner of the account. It’s to prioritise my well being and when I feel better, I might come back.

I follow accounts of people who look like me and flaunt their appearance. Seeing beauty I feel that I am similar to encourages my belief in my own physical beauty. I make playlists out of songs that sound like me. Music that has an energy to it that I feel I expresses the way I am. Even if its a goofy song from that cartoon, me and my sister sang way too much when we were kids. Even if its lyrics that make me cry. If it feels true to who I am, I put it in a soundtrack for myself.

As spiritual people might take some time out of their day to pray or meditate, I take time to worship myself. I “send nudes” to myself. This mainly consists of standing naked in front of the mirror and looking at the brilliant curve of my back for 5 minutes. I roll around on my bed in my favourite lingerie. I might take pictures that nobody will see, and in my own time I’ll just look and feel grateful to have my body.

I play my soundtrack. I write in my notebook all the exciting plans for the future. Ideas for my stories and music. I exercise the idea that the world is so lucky to have me and that I have so much to show. Not because I’m asking for validation but because it’s like I’ve found the funniest meme in my head and I have to share it with everybody because it’s just the best. It’s brilliant.

People just have to see this. It’s a moment of believing how wonderful I am. With my ideas, my voice, my body.

Of course, these sessions of worship don’t always happen. Sometimes they’re not very regular at all or sometimes they’re broken up in to little parts and scattered through the year but that understanding of how to love myself is always present. And the memories of how I’ve felt in love with who I am, is just a reminder that those lovely dreams of myself are there somewhere.

So this Valentines day, I think it’s a very special time for worship of your own value. Even if it’s posing in the mirror and being your own album artwork. Keeping in mind the songs on the album are your spirit. So don’t be afraid to learn the lyrics and sing. Learning the words, helps us indulge fully in the enjoyment of the song. It’s how we learn who we really are.

Model and Words: Summer Scott @seasonschild

Photography: Brodie Sián Taberner @brodiesianart