Valentines week love potions for your lover, friends or self

Sarah Strongarms, tattooist based in London has concocted some love potions for this week of Eros ; True Love, Self Love or Friendship.

True Love Potion 
A little concoction for true love. A sprig of rosemary, a branch from a wild rose and a rose quartz in their oil. 

– Rosemary can cleanse the bad energy that might have attached to you, it’s known for its antiseptic qualities and can heal wounds, turning past negative experiences in to something we can learn from (whether that’s what our own boundaries are or to validate what we accept or don’t accept). It symbolises remembrance, not to hold on to the past but in order to grow from it. 

-Wild Rose are the most powerful flowers for love, Aphrodite wore them in her hair, Cleopatra used them to woo Mark Antony, Shakespeare celebrated their beauty, they have been used to cure heart ache and have been a symbol of love and desire throughout history. 

-Rose Quartz represents the heart chakra, and is the crystal of unconditional love. It works for everything love related and represent a gentle energy of love and compassion and can help stimulate romance in your life.  

For Friendship 
A crystal cluster spell of iris, amethyst agate and pink and white carnations for friendship. 

-Iris flowers are named after the goddess of rainbows, who communicated between the gods and mortals, the flower itself is said to look like her dress. It symbolises faith, hope and wisdom, as well as compliments, lending itself to the friends that lift each other up. 

-Carnations are perhaps the oldest cultivated flower, represented in their continual strength and beauty. Translating as flower of the gods they were use in Ancient Greek ceremonial crowns, and the meaning of their pink and white colour is gratitude, undying love and good luck. 

-The amethyst agate brings stability and strength. Amethyst is the crystal of the crown chakra and brings intellectual harmony to the relationship. 

For Self Love

Yellow primrose, lavender and rose quartz, there are many ways to love yourself and this one is a self celebration and a treat. 

-Yellow Missouri primrose is a sign of adoration, gifted to yourself to remind you of the things you love about yourself. 

-Lavender soothes and calms, nurturing and relaxing any tension and giving you the break you deserve.

-Rose Quartz brings the compassion with its peaceful goddess qualities, promoting self love and love to those around you. 

Another Self Love 
A single hellebore, an olive branch and a rose quartz for promoting self love.

 -Hellebores are the ultimate flower for a witches garden and was used in the ointment to help a witches ascent (whether on to a higher plane or flying around on  broomstick is for you to decide)  Although poisonous, they were used as ancient remedies for mental health problems and depression, and represent healing negative thoughts you might hold about yourself, and as a winter flower, stand for blooming through difficult conditions.

 -The olive branch is the symbol of peace, to be at peace with yourself in order to love yourself. It is a gesture to no longer argue or war with yourself, but victoriously befriend and love yourself and end any inner battles.  

-The rose Quartz is again used to open up our heart chakra to unconditional love for ourselves. To remind ourselves of our own loving nature and the love we give to the world. 

Illustrations and potions by Sarah Strongarms, You can find her tattooing these clusters at Rye Lanez, Peckham