The Second Podcast Episode is Here: Featuring Polly Nor and sex expert Ruby Rare

The illustrator and issue eight cover girl talks us through her vintage matchbox collection, while Ruby dispels all the myths surrounding our contraceptive choices

If you somehow missed our first episode (catch up here if so); we’ve started a podcast series! Released every two weeks on a Monday, we’ll be exploring what makes our favourite artists tick while seeking out expert advice on the issues that matter to us.

This episode: Polly Nor and sex expert Ruby Rare

Polly speaks to Polyester editor in chief Ione about her vintage matchbox collection, affordable art, and much more in the first half of the episode as part of our ‘obsessions’ series.

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In the second half of the podcast, Polyester contributor and writer/researcher Maggie Matić sits down with sex educator Ruby to dispel some of the myths and misinformation surrounding contraception. Within their chat, you can hear Ruby offering advice that will help you be as well informed as possible when choosing what protection is right for you.

To coincide with the second episode release, and following on from our issue eight cover feature with Polly – we’ve decided to give away her feature from the now sold out print issue as a free, downloadable PDF. Click the button below to get yours:

The Polyester podcast is hosted by Polyester’s founding editor in chief Ione Gamble, co-hosted / produced by Dream Wife’s Alice Go, and supported by Melissa Shoes.

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