Glacier Girl Polyester zine

The Power of The Individual

Glacier Girl Polyester Zine

Glacier Girl’s latest column for Polyester.

In light of COP21 and surrounding events I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of the individual. A lot of us feel we don’t have any significance- our personal actions wont make a difference. Powerless.

For me, these past few weeks have been massive confirmation that we all hold so much power. The climate march in London was an amazing example of how when we all come together and share our concerns, our voice is so strong. We all influence each other to do more.

This year there was a big movement in discussion around solutions, people taking control of the future, not hanging around waiting for the politicians to wake up. This is such positive step forward and was so amazing to be involved and to share the experience.

We need a system change, and we as individuals can influence this. Although the agreements made by politicians at COP21 were disappointing I can look past this knowing that so many of us share passion about the planet and understand the urgency to act. We as individuals have the power to influence change.

By ignoring our individual power we are only thinking for ourselves. But by using it you are seeing the world as a global village. In coming together as a global community is when we can experience the full extent of our potential as people. We are the people. We have the power.

Words by Lizzie Farrell, collage by Olivia Hogan