Nicole Ngai polyester zine polyester magazine

The Normal Day

“The story showcases what a suppressed woman endures and encapsulates an appetite for an ideal body image; an idea which the media has portrayed time and time again. To highlight the beauty of size diversity, I am using a plus size model for this editorial and placing her in an undesirable setting. Bring forth the idea that beauty can coincide with disgust.”


Creative Director / Make up by: Seunghee Yoo Photography by Nicole Ngai. Styling by In Woo. Hair by Shunsuke Meguro. Set design by Stephanie Webb. Featuring Amelia Sophie Webb. 

Shoe-Paolo Guarino. Dress: William Dill-Russell. Gloves-Ingrid Kraftchenko. Skirt- William Dill-Russell. Headpiece- William Dill-Russell x Leo Carlton Headgear. Dress- Inzali Moe. Dress- William Dill-Russell. Skirt-Paolo Guarino. Shirt-Nicopanda. Skirt-Issey Miyake.