Happy Monday ! Colleen Anderhub‘s illustrates a depiction our forever Monday Mood .


The idea was to recreate the energy and power that you cast during a magic spell and tarot reading.Im an avid reader of occult sciences and I´ve learned that it’s essential to create a physical space that suits you. I wanted to transform sunbeams and allow them to shine through different objects and tools. When you cast a spell you can feel...


There was rose quartz all inside the cave. Pink overlapping pink until the eye grew sore. A single witch, shrouded in white tassels, sat quite still on the ground. She slipped her hand into her pouch and quietly laid out five rounded crystals on a tree stump before her. The witch placed a finger on...

Something Wicked This Way Comes

💖💙 Embracing the immortal witch inside us all with Olivia Davies & Lewis Vaughan. 💙💖 Photography & creative direction: Lewis Vaughan. Stylist & model: Olivia Davies.