R.I.P Tumblr Porn

Tumblr’s adult content has cultivated a vibrant, creative and sex positive community. Without it, I doubt I would feel as comfortable as I do in expressing my sexuality today. For diverse body types, LGBT representation, erotica and audio porn, Tumblr surpasses mainstream porn sites every time. For most, the social media platform conjures up images...

Onlive By Veronica Jonsson

Onlive is a personal piece dedicated to my fellow internet losers, highlighting the fact that all of us can’t be cool online; as well as a social comment on how the difference between being online and alive is dissolving more and more for everyday. Photo Series and Words: Veronica Jonsson

Collective Practises: Milah Libin of Smart Girl Club

For this instalment of Collective Practices we talk to Milah Libin, a New York based artist and writer. With her close friend Destiny Frasqueri, (Princess Nokia), Milah started Smart Girl Club collective, focusing on creating a safe space for female creativity.

“Feminism is a basic concept. I think it’s rad.”- Polyester Chats to Molly Soda

We talk with Molly Soda about feminism, using your bedroom as a workplace and tween dreams

Our Girl Lollipop- Arvida Bystrom

We all know why Arvida Byström is important. Her pastel perfect photography deconstructing the feminine gender code made us all question why we were so freaked out about growing armpit hair, getting our period, or secretly wanting to keep our My Little Ponies.