Women In Menswear: Katie Eary

In conversation with Katie Eary, it is easy to see that she is just as, if not more, audacious than her riotous collections. Characterised by an unabashed charisma and a snappy wit, Katie Eary ushers in a new kind of menswear — one that is reinvented through a cheeky mix of bold prints and the...

Lola Chatterton

Lola Chatterton is a freelance London based fashion stylist. She previously assisted Jacob K, Chloe Kerman and Jane How before she freelanced on her own. Lola‘s work is colourful and girly, with an element of cheekiness and humour. www.lolachatterton.com https://instagram.com/lola_chatterton

Hannah Grunden

Hannah Grunden is a London-based fashion stylist and illustrator whose work focuses on girl power and often features mixed race and street cast girls. Herself half-Korean and California raised, she also runs an online boutique selling customised secondhand clothing and accessories. SEE HER WORK FOR POLYESTER HERE WEBSITE/INSTAGRAM/TWITTER/FACEBOOK/ONLINE SHOP