White Nights

White Nights is inspired entirely by the song of the same name by the band Priest – my interpretation of this song is that its about an overwhelming feeling of disconnect, not fitting in and trying to convince yourself that your fine but in reality your struggling with these inner demons. In the end there’s this hope...

Rain Dove: On Being Herself

A couple of years ago, model Rain Dove was sleeping in her car, friend’s houses or in shower cubicles. Now, she’s chatting with companies like Facebook, to implement a new descriptor of sexual orientation, ‘misexual.’ “It means ‘it’s my journey, it’s my passion, it’s my love, and it can’t be compared to anyone else’s,” Rain...

Colour Pop

👠 Parsons graduate Diego Campos’ work is bold, bright and beautiful. It brings to mind master photographers Guy Bourdin and Hiro in its surreal and mesmerising style. 👠 Styling by Kat Banas. Hair by Ledora Francis. Makeup by Romana Lai. Models: Olivia at NY Model Management, Lara & Adriana at Muse Management.

Consumption Is Destruction

💪 Photographer Adam Ward believes we have to break down & destroy what we consume from the media as it “plagues us with misinformation, misrepresentation, and contributes to the depreciation of our true selves”. 💪 Photography & Art Direction: Adam Ward. Model, Makeup & Hair: Quintessa Meekins.  

Don’t Dull Your Sparkle For Anyone

It seems that Sideara St. Claire does pretty much everything that an LA based cool-girl can do. As well as acting & singing, St. Claire owns her own clothing brand called NIN3; styling & shooting her clothing on a band of internet-famous friends for the blog.   Here she styled & shot an exclusive for Polyester: Don’t...

Rebel Uniform

 💪 Kristen Meaclem has created a mini collection for the rebel within by deconstructing uniforms &, consequently, the rules. 💪 Photography: Megan Alexander. Clothes: Kristen Meaclem. Textile Design: Chhavi Kashyap. Model: Shaylah Minhinnick. Body Art: Isaac Laughton. Make-up: Lara Daly. Hair: Henare Davidson Quaife & Brixton Cowie.

Space Scorched

A journey through space to a beach on Mars. 👽🌸 Set Design & Hair by Lydia Chan. Styling by Nicole Chui. Photography by Julia Pecegueiro. Makeup by Fahad Ahmed Bandial. Model – Angelina Jesson. Featuring clothing by Carmen Channers, Lydia Chan, Peaches & Cream, Rebecca Dixon & Sarah Hollebon.

Stuck In The Outback

Clothing by Max Mollison. Photography by Constance Mary. Models: Rachael and Beth.

Lazy LA

🌸 Photographer Brandie Wedderburn captures a lazy, hazy afternoon in Los Angeles. 🌸 Photography by Brandie Wedderburn. Styling by Taylor D Michael. Models: Taylor D Michael & Justine Biticon.

Daydreaming With The Trollsen Twins

♥️ Get lost in Montreal’s Botanical Gardens with the Trollsen Twins. ♥️ Photography by Delphine Lewis.

Be My Baby

💙 Keep the summer spirit alive with mega-babe Constance Mary as she brings us a sun-soaked shoot straight from New Zealand! 💙 Photography: Constance Mary Models: Alannah, Oskar and Annie Clothing: Constance Mary, Somewhere Nowhere


💚💙💛 Megan-Magdalena Bourne takes her friend & “iconic woman” Jaraé to Old Vegas for the trip of a lifetime.💚💙💛 Photography: Megan-Magdalena Bourne. Model: Jaraé Holieway.