Question everything with ‘a Guide to Thinking Critically About Your Sexuality”

New Year calls for self reflection: A Guide to Thinking Critically About Your Sexuality A comfortable, acceptable queer narrative begins so: “Ever since I was a child, I knew I was different”. I didn’t. In fact, I was explicitly taught otherwise. I knew I was loved. I knew I had friends, talents, and privilege afforded...

I Eat Dogs

This collage series by Sophie Keith invokes visions of movement and the visceral to explore female sexuality, as physically layered as it is metaphorically. Art: Sophie Keith

Confirming Consent

Consent is a two way street: Remember to ask for it and remember your rights in giving it. As Jenna Houston puts it in her monthly comic, “You can change your mind at any time.” Similarly, you have to respect that your partner can change their mind at any time too. Keep an eye out...

Mother May I

Mother May I  is a series featuring girls trapped in a fantastical world. With rainbow printed bedsheets as a backdrop they appear like sex obsessed angels that re-envision the artist’s childhood conception of sexuality. All photographs by Kelsey Bennett. Models: Heather Morgan, Emma Appel, Rémy Bennett, Anna & Antonia Marsh.

Cosmopolitan Never Taught me About Asexuality

The first time I heard the term asexuality was in 8th grade. A girl was taunting me about my current middle school boyfriend, claiming he was an asexual. When i had asked her what that meant she said “It means that he is only attracted to himself”. For a while I had the misconception that...