Whats hot or not in 2019 with Travis Alabanza

If you don’t already know the force that is Travis Alabanza, where have you been? Travis is a non-binary performer, writer and theatre-maker who made big waves in 2018 for Gender non-conforming and trans community. Polyester speaks to Travis on their personal experience in 2018 and what’s hot or not in 2019. ❣ ❣ ❣...

Question everything with ‘a Guide to Thinking Critically About Your Sexuality”

New Year calls for self reflection: A Guide to Thinking Critically About Your Sexuality A comfortable, acceptable queer narrative begins so: “Ever since I was a child, I knew I was different”. I didn’t. In fact, I was explicitly taught otherwise. I knew I was loved. I knew I had friends, talents, and privilege afforded...

The Monstrous Mystique of Femmes in Horror Films

The scent of sage lingers heavily in the air as female oddities of every form gather in darkness to smudge away the inevitable ennui of kinky kittens and sartorially safe succubi… Feminine monstrosity as a fashion sense- the trashy transcendency, the burning of boundaries and the perverting of perspectives, is hella la mode but never...

No More Sleeps! Eleven Pipers Piping

For the Polyester twelve days of Christmas finale, G Lucas Going transforms into the perfect little tree… ✮✭✮✭✮✭ ✮✭✮✭✮✭ Art Direction by Anne laure Franchette. Photography by Phillipa Bloomfield. Featuring Georgia Lucas Going. To check out the rest of our alternative advent series, click here.

Drum Roll Please, Here Comes The Bride

In celebration of ten drummers drumming, photographer Weishan Hu explores maternal relationships and holy matrimony in a new photo series for our alternative twelve days of Christmas. ༺♥༻ ༺♥༻༺♥༻ ༺♥༻ Photography by Weishan Hu. Styling by Bahkita Fok. Hair and makeup by Liuyi. Featuring Juicy Chan and Susan Yuan.  To check out the rest of...

Party feet: Seven Swans are Swimming

Feeling fatigued by party season yet? As part of Polyester’s twelve days of Christmas, Louisa Foley will add a spring to your step as she illustrates seven swans are swimming as festive footwear inspo. To check out the rest of our alternative advent series, click here.

God is a Womxn: Six Geese A-Laying

At the half way point of Polyester’s twelve days of Christmas, Kim Thompson reimagines six geese a-laying — cos we all know men ain’t shit. To check out the rest of our alternative advent series, click here.

Stack ’em High, it’s Five Gold Rings

For the fifth instalment of our holiday countdown, Doxi Mylk adds all the gold rings to their Christmas wish list, ‘cos five just simply ain’t enough… To check out the rest of our alternative advent series, click here.

Answer your phone, it’s Four Calling Birds

For Polyester’s twelve days of Christmas, Ashley Miller takes on a sinister retelling of Four Calling Birds to ignite nightmares this holiday season.

Cooking up a storm this Christmas: Three French Hens

For Polyester’s twelve days of Christmas, Gina Tonic’s mum Vicki Jones reveals her winter warmer roast chicken recipe… In between starving myself and bingeing, my mam’s house has always been a food sanctuary. Sumptuous and sickly, rich and rewarding, eating with my mam and back in the house I grew up will never be a...

Advent Reimagined: Two Turtle Doves

For Polyester’s 12 days of Christmas, Iris ray reimagines two Turtle Doves as a photo series. Photography by Iris Ray. Styling by Ivory Woods. Makeup by Lucy Fleur. Featuring Linda Chen and Lucy Fleur. ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

La Femme Féroce: Is Copping An Attitude A Bad Thing?

This is an editorial inspired by empowered strong females with attitude. Why does attitude need to be associated with negative connotations? In this editorial I wanted to reclaim attitude as a positive word to describe a strong boss female. The styling & aesthetic is inspired from characters from Coyote Ugly and the likes of Alabama...