Oh, heck. Titanic.

Alternative Film Poster of the month

Illustrated by Charlotte Tymm

Trippin Out

Ona Greenberg does not encourage peer pressure, because trippin out is only fun when you’re entirely on board for the experience. Comic: Ona Greenberg

Funny Bird

In her third installment Funny Bird, Ona Greenberg analyses how men ruin everything. Comic: Ona Greenberg

How To Navigate The Gynecologist

Jenna Houston’s January comic addresses the confidence it takes to go to the doctors and how it can become an important act of self care. Comic: Jenna Houston 

Define Sex

The start of a monthly comic by Jenna Houston, the first of which explores personal definitions of sex in a heteronormative world. This piece looks at vaginal penetration being seen as the sexual norm and only method of losing virginity, which can be problematic for anything other than an able-bodied cisgender heterosexual relationship. Even within...