Femmes Omitted: Wu Zetian

As controversial figures go there are few more divisive than Wu Zetian, the first and only female Emperor in the history of China. She was the concubine that rose to power, but her legacy is one of wickedness. Was one of the most powerful women in history a callous tyrant, or just another victim of...

Picasso 1932: The Master And Misogynist

Before entering the Picasso 1932 exhibition at the Tate Modern, I knew Picasso was a bit of a prick, and I knew that a look at ‘Love, Fame and Tragedy’ was going to display that in all its glory. But I also came with anticipation; I love modernist art and Picasso is a master, some...

Face Off

A spooky edition of her monthly comic, Ona Greenberg has discovered the scariest costume of all – shitty dudes. Comic: Ona Greenberg 

Beach Hair

C’mon ladies, this is how to rock those sea salted, beachy waves that have been everywhere this summer! The men love this beach hair look, and why wouldn’t they? Your hair looks soooo good when it’s long. Image: Ona Greenberg

Too Hot To Holler

Setting fire to cat callers is fully endorsed and encouraged by Ona Greenberg. Try it on your local misogynist today! Comic: Ona Greenberg  

Mansplaining Carl Jung

A middle finger up to psychology theorists of yesteryear who belittled and hated women, and a fist to the 21st century male who takes their words as gospel. As far as we are concerned, mansplaining can go to hell. Comic: Ona Greenberg

Suck It To The Man

Set in a dark and damp corner of an East London pub, a soft storm is reaching its climax under the sweet hum of Frank Ocean. The cream of a light ale, brewed with age and set in stubborn tradition, floats about his pink mouth. We’ve had this conversation before and oh how he likes...

I Swear To Always Be Your Pretend Lesbian Lover

Have you ever seen that meme saying something along the lines of: “as your best friend, I swear to always pretend to be your lesbian lover when you get hit on by some ugly asshole in a bar”? If you haven’t, then let me explain that it’s been circulating for a while now and the...

Woman In The World: Trump As Trans

Monday, November 7th, 2016 Two pairs of underwear, Skintight slip, & A thin black dress, resting upon the loose soil of my pointed-toe pumps (medium height, conservative but delicate). Or so I’d like to think. This is my name-change outfit, my woman-in-court robe. Today is the day I take my plunge into the dark river...