Dear Self

A self love photo collaboration between Melanie Lehmann and Elijah Che

Not Your Exotic, Not Your Erotic

In the spirit of Suheir Hammad’s poem,  artist Melanie Lehmann explores the word “exotic” and the microagression and ignorance (in terms of trying to stereotype and put people into categories of otherness) behind it. Using the theme of a tropical place as a parody of the stereotypical images of “exotic” destinations. With this project she aims to eliminate the...

Not Your Exotic

[cycloneslider id=”not-your-exotic”] In the spirit Suheir Hammad’s poem “Not Your Erotic, Not Your Exotic”, Melanie Lehmann decided to explore the idea of fetishised exoticism through a series of photographs & short videos. It explores the word “exotic” and highlights the microaggression and ignorance attached to it in terms of categorising people by using one umbrella term...

SPACE SLUTS presents ‘The Future was perfect’

[cycloneslider id=”3375″] Creative director: Melanie Lehmann, Photographer: Annie Lai, Styling: Melanie Lehmann, Models: Candice Lo and Romane Delvalle, Hair: Ismail Laraqui.