Confirming Consent

Consent is a two way street: Remember to ask for it and remember your rights in giving it. As Jenna Houston puts it in her monthly comic, “You can change your mind at any time.” Similarly, you have to respect that your partner can change their mind at any time too. Keep an eye out...

Reporting Sexual Assault

Knowing what to do when a sexual assault occurs can sound difficult and unfortunately, not enough people know the steps to take if this happens. Hopefully, Jenna Houston’s comic can help even the smallest amount. Most of all remember: You will get through this. Comic: Jenna Houston

Safe Sex With HIV

Jenna Houston isn’t afraid to tackle any issue and in this installment of her monthly comic, she focuses specifically on safe sex for those with HIV or possible interaction with HIV. This topic was taboo for years and the only way past that is open and honest communication, both in and out of sex. Comic:...

Alternative Sex Positions

This sweet but (nsfw comic) by Jenna Houston explores how research, patience and above all, listening can lead to the best sex life for everyone involved. As with all her other cartoons, Houston’s safe approach to sex and helpful tips and tricks are sure to help you, no matter what your situation. Comic: Jenna Houston

How To Navigate The Gynecologist

Jenna Houston’s January comic addresses the confidence it takes to go to the doctors and how it can become an important act of self care. Comic: Jenna Houston¬†

Define Sex

The start of a monthly comic by Jenna Houston, the first of which explores personal definitions of sex in a heteronormative world. This piece looks at vaginal penetration being seen as the sexual norm and only method of losing virginity, which can be problematic for anything other than an able-bodied cisgender heterosexual relationship. Even within...