R.I.P Tumblr Porn

Tumblr’s adult content has cultivated a vibrant, creative and sex positive community. Without it, I doubt I would feel as comfortable as I do in expressing my sexuality today. For diverse body types, LGBT representation, erotica and audio porn, Tumblr surpasses mainstream porn sites every time. For most, the social media platform conjures up images...

Charlie Craggs is our First Guest Editor

My names Charlie Craggs, and I’m officially your unofficial new editor…for a little while. I’m basically the transgender version of Ione gamble though, see photo, so hopefully the change won’t be too hard for you to adapt to. But yeah, I’m Polyester’s first ever guest editor, so hi. For those of you who don’t have a clue who I...


I undertook a photographic project with my grandmother (who I live with)  and together we explored ideas of the performed self whilst drawing comparison between us as grandmother and granddaughter. Doing this project was a way to empower and give confidence to each other both as women and within our relationship. Images: Florence Hutchings

Beach Hair

C’mon ladies, this is how to rock those sea salted, beachy waves that have been everywhere this summer! The men love this beach hair look, and why wouldn’t they? Your hair looks soooo good when it’s long. Image: Ona Greenberg

Life In Plastic!

Inspired by the artist Will Cotton and his candy filled fantasies, we wanted to take a pastel colored imaginary world and reinterpret it in plastic.  Our goal was to create a whole plasticised world that hearkens back to a Barbie dream house. When we were shooting, we tried to take all the ridiculous feminised and...