Answer your phone, it’s Four Calling Birds

For Polyester’s twelve days of Christmas, Ashley Miller takes on a sinister retelling of Four Calling Birds to ignite nightmares this holiday season.

Submit yourself to ‘Darkness of the Fantasies’

“Darkness of the Fantasies,” created and conceptualized in collaboration with Mateo Suarez, evokes heaven on earth. Inspired by dark fantasy manga, Final Fantasy, and early 2000s internet, the editorial explores themes of subversion and genderfuck through the depiction of the Fantasies, wearing garments and accessories by MATEO. ]photographer: Rebecca Liu @darqsouls2 (they/them) designer/stylist: Mateo Suarez...

Not Yours

Not Yours is an interpretation of femininity and the unattainable ideals imposed upon women. Using the untraditional medium of 3D, my images aim to scrutinise the role of the internet and its desire to be aesthetically perfect. Through whimsical colour and texture, Bambi moulds glamorous dreamscapes and scenarios. 3D art: Bambi Kirschner