Talking to Tavi Gevinson About The Internet, and Esme Blegvad about Titantic in Our Newest Podcast Episode

For the latest episode of our podcast, we’re really excited to be joined by two amazing guests who have both featured in or contributed to the zine; writer, actor and Rookie founder Tavi Gevinson, and artist Esme Blegvad. For our ask an expert section, we’re talking to previous Polyester cover girl Tavi Gevinson about all...

Listen to the Season Two Premiere of our Podcast Here

WE’RE BACK! And thrilled to be launching season two of The Polyester Podcast with our new producer and co-host Olivia Graham. We’re sticking to the same format as season one, and are super excited to welcome two long term Polyester contributors on as our guests this week. Kicking off with ask an expert, we speak to...

Our Podcast Season Finale Will Teach You How to Start a Fashion Brand & Illustrator Joey Yu Confesses Her Love of Love

For the season one finale, we’re thrilled to be joined by guest host Jender Anomie to see out our final episode. In this instalment, we’ll be chatting to illustrative artist Joey Yu about her obsession with love and other peoples relationships. For our ask an expert section, journalist Charlotte Gush chats to HANGER founder Claire...

The Second Podcast Episode is Here: Featuring Polly Nor and sex expert Ruby Rare

The illustrator and issue eight cover girl talks us through her vintage matchbox collection, while Ruby dispels all the myths surrounding our contraceptive choices If you somehow missed our first episode (catch up here if so); we’ve started a podcast series! Released every two weeks on a Monday, we’ll be exploring what makes our favourite...

Invisible & III

Having a healthy mind is just as important as having a healthy body. We all have good and bad days, but in the last decade the number of people affected by mental health issues has steadily risen and experts are now calling it a ‘slow-growing epidemic’. Mental health embodies so many things and cannot be...

Question everything with ‘a Guide to Thinking Critically About Your Sexuality”

New Year calls for self reflection: A Guide to Thinking Critically About Your Sexuality A comfortable, acceptable queer narrative begins so: “Ever since I was a child, I knew I was different”. I didn’t. In fact, I was explicitly taught otherwise. I knew I was loved. I knew I had friends, talents, and privilege afforded...

Party feet: Seven Swans are Swimming

Feeling fatigued by party season yet? As part of Polyester’s twelve days of Christmas, Louisa Foley will add a spring to your step as she illustrates seven swans are swimming as festive footwear inspo. To check out the rest of our alternative advent series, click here.

God is a Womxn: Six Geese A-Laying

At the half way point of Polyester’s twelve days of Christmas, Kim Thompson reimagines six geese a-laying — cos we all know men ain’t shit. To check out the rest of our alternative advent series, click here.

Have yourself a Polyester Christmas: Partridge in a Pear Tree

  For the first post in Polyester’s twelve Day of Christmas, Gina commissioned Emma T to illustrate a contemporary take on Partridge in a Pear tree.

How a manicure can help you campaign for trans rights

This comic is part of Charlie Cragg’s Nail Transphobia editorial takeover. To read Charlie’s editors letter and find out more about her work, life and activist campaigns, click here. Charlie’s own brand of activism — fabulous activism — has always been about engaging real people in tiny acts that spur on concrete change. From her...

Alternative Film Poster of the month

Illustrated by Charlotte Tymm

The Very Scary Film – A new monthly illustration

Charlotte Tymm a.k.a. Trashpanda is a self-taught artist based in London. For Polyester, Tymm re-creates different iconic film poster’s each month. This month, for halloween, its “The Vey Scary Film” starring icons such as big hungry fish, weird man in mask loves a power tool, hot blonde rad outfit, and creepy teenage girl.