Happy Halloween

This spooky photo series comes from horror movie stills mostly from the 60s and 70s, drawing inspiration from Dario Argento, Jess Franco, and Jean Rollin among other directors.   “It comes from the idea that good horror stills can often be more satisfying than the movies themselves because they can’t disappoint you with bad dialogue...

The Very Scary Film – A new monthly illustration

Charlotte Tymm a.k.a. Trashpanda is a self-taught artist based in London. For Polyester, Tymm re-creates different iconic film poster’s each month. This month, for halloween, its “The Vey Scary Film” starring icons such as big hungry fish, weird man in mask loves a power tool, hot blonde rad outfit, and creepy teenage girl.

Face Off

A spooky edition of her monthly comic, Ona Greenberg has discovered the scariest costume of all – shitty dudes. Comic: Ona Greenberg 

Halloween Countdown: 1 Day!

Stay vigilant tomorrow night, Hatti Rex‘s clown is on the loose!

Halloween Countdown: 2 Days!

Two days to go! We’re celebrating with Marlena Synchyshyn‘s rendition of Goya’s The Spell. 🔮9

Halloween Countdown: 4 Days!

Playing dress up with Bridget Meyne.  

Halloween’s Coming!

It’s only five days until Halloween & in preparation we’re asking illustrators to cook us up something nice for outfit inspo. First up we’ve got Bella Podpadec’s three witches! 💚

Daughters of Darkness

It’s Halloween, and as many of us don our vampire costumes, we look back at the female vampire and its history. The vampire flick is a genre that has a deep-rooted connection with feminism and queer theory, yet is encompassed within the male gaze and is a genre intertwined with misogynistic and homophobic tendencies. It’s...

Glacier Girl x Halloween Competition

    What’s the scariest thing you could dress as for Halloween? Climate Change of course! Send me photos of your climate change themed Halloween for a chance to win some glacier girl merch and a copy of Polyester issue three! I’ve dressed up as causes of climate change: fossil fuels and animal agriculture- the main...