Drum Roll Please, Here Comes The Bride

In celebration of ten drummers drumming, photographer Weishan Hu explores maternal relationships and holy matrimony in a new photo series for our alternative twelve days of Christmas. ༺♥༻ ༺♥༻༺♥༻ ༺♥༻ Photography by Weishan Hu. Styling by Bahkita Fok. Hair and makeup by Liuyi. Featuring Juicy Chan and Susan Yuan.  To check out the rest of...


A collaboration between Eva Zar and Shop Holographic Fantasy, SculptHER is a collection created to represent the antithesis of current global positions on fashion. Each garment is made of raw silk that has been naturally dyed with turmeric, berries or coffee. The clothes are hand stitched and intended to show wear over time – allowing...


Following Mercedes Benz’ Berlin Fashion Week is Stop!: a Moschino fantasy, playing at the races with a fun themed look at where the iconic prints and statements are drawn from for fashion. Creative Director: Emmalynn Photographer: Jerry Fill Make-Up/Hair: Lina Mourey   Model: Louann von Brochwitz Male Models: Jaylon Candler, Joaquin Rivera Assistants: Bart Cops, Julie...

Oh The Places You’ll Go

16 year old fashion photographer Sophia Wilson enters a Seuss-ian fantasy with NYC youth: The kind of fantastical fairy land that could only ever take place at the fun fair. Photographer: Sophia Wilson  


A collaboration between photographer duo Sally & Emily and make up artist Sissy Sosro: As much as we like to think that we are pretty low maintenance ladies, most women will find themselves with more products than they thought they needed, with more uses than they thought they had. I still stand by coconut oil,...

Been There Done That

This throwback fashion editorial is celebrating all things early noughties, because we just can’t get enough of nostalgia – regardless of if we’ve “been there, done that” or not.   Photography: Muriel Bruschi Styling/Art Direction: Karen Giha 

Lemon Kiss

[cycloneslider id=”3205″] 💛🍋 Dreaming of Lemon drops. 💛🍋 Clothing by Tayla Hook, photography by Constance McDonald, hair and styling by Megan Alexander, make up by Helena Anthony. Featuring Islay A. of Kirsty Bunny Management and Islay P. of Red 11 Model Management.