Not Yours

Not Yours is an interpretation of femininity and the unattainable ideals imposed upon women. Using the untraditional medium of 3D, my images aim to scrutinise the role of the internet and its desire to be aesthetically perfect. Through whimsical colour and texture, Bambi moulds glamorous dreamscapes and scenarios. 3D art: Bambi Kirschner

Jouana Jasim On Finding Escapism

Somewhere in between claustrophobic boredom and an underlying creative desire Jouana Jasim found art (or maybe art found her). The things we wholly and truly love often have a funny way of finding us. We may never know we need something, and then soon enough we can’t imagine life without it. Or maybe we have...

Bubble Pop Electric

💚 Living in a digital world with Iliana K. 💚 Photography: Iliana K. Clothes: Art Baby Girl.