Woman, Director, Writer …Nicole Chávez

At only 17, Nicole Chávez has already caught the attention of The Love Witch’s director, Anna Biller (earlier this year, Biller retweeted Chávez’s latest short film) as well its eponymous star, Samantha Robinson, who is one of Chávez’s thousands of Instagram followers. It’s fitting that Chávez’s influences should connect with her via the internet, as...


Very much inspired by 60’s pulp movies, and more recently works like Anna Biller, my ideas celebrate the feminine form and female friendship. My model is also my best friend. It’s nostalgic, it’s tacky and most importantly, it’s girly as hell.   Photography and Styling: Camilla Liconti, Production design: Gianna Loffredo, Model: Albertina D’Amico