STREAMS is a graduate collection by Finnish fashion designer Anni Rapo:

“Even if you think you’re doing cultural appreciation instead of appropriation, the outcome is still the same. I started researching subcultures as post-modern tribes and saw that being inspired by them is not as problematic, since subcultures have always adopted styles and symbols from the mainstream and given new meanings to them. Visual inspiration for the collection was bad ass biker women, mostly The Highway Runaways, a post-modern tribe, the photographs by Lana MacNaughton and the sceneries the bikers ride through: all the mountains, rock formations and streams between them, hence the name for the collection: STREAMS. The color palette also comes from the idea of a desert being coloured by the setting sun with all the orange and dark reds after a blue sky. Some of the pieces are inspired by classic biker wear, some more by the sceneries.

The collection was all about ecological and ethical fabrics, the materials used in the collection are hemp, organic cotton and peace silk. All the fabrics are hand dyed, printed and sewn by me and few of my mates that were helping me with all the work load.”

Photography: Sonya Mantere, MUAH: Leena Waggoner, Model: Saga at Paparazzi Model Management, Styling and Clothes: Anni Rapo, Plant: Plantagen Finland, Hat material sponsor: Ann-Marie Faulkner Millinery, Fabric sponsor: Greenfibres