Stages Of Love

Based on Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments, which cataloged the different situations of love as 80 figures, we chose eight of these gestures: Heart, Touch, Silence, Scene, Confession, Image, Insane and Object. As a reaction to these, two members of the Gray Box collective, Anna Ádám and Tímea Piróth – without and previous planning, measuring, tailoring and sewing – improvised a collection on living models.

The project consists of four states, where every player (Model, Stylist, Make-up Artist, and Photographer) reflected on the given figures, taking into account the interpretation of herself and others. Every model deals with the heart or body in her everyday life, both literally (heart surgeon) and figuratively (psychologist, wedding dress designer, filmmaker, painter, singer, contemporary dancer, belly dancer).

Éva Szombat did not just photograph the models wearing outfits based on the figures, but created the different contexts of love based on Barthes’ work.

Concept: Gray Box
Styling: Anna Ádám, Tímea Piróth
Models: Andrea Ausztrics (“Scene”), Zsuzsanna Baranyák (“Heart”), Vera Jónás (“Confession”), Kata Koleszár (“Image”), Erika Piróth (“Silence”), Julcsi Vavra (“Touch”)
Make up: Fruzsina Magyari, Gabriella Szerencsés
Works of Art: János Brückner (iSelf – replacement puppets, 2015.), Zsófia Jauernik (Toto and his shiny company, 2015.), Antónia Zsanett Kiss (Egy Másik Dög(ös), 2016.)
Photo: Éva Szombat