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Spike Fuck on the Absurdness of Self Obsession and the Importance of Radical Empathy

Premiering her new video for ‘Junkie Logic’, Melbourne based musician Spike Fuck talks us through the story behind the track; from heroin addiction, to calling us all out on our own self obsession, and transforming her bleak surroundings into a naively romanticised dramatisation of her own life. Read the personal essay and check out the video below.

I wanted to pair the embarrassingly honest and admittedly (at times) depressingly ordinary lyrical content with this over-the-top and self-obsessed clip. It shows the ugliness of self-centeredness – the absurdity of believing that we and we alone are playing the starring role in this reality, and that the world is simply there to help build our story arc.

In my case, I often sought to turn my monotonous, urban, Melbourne, ugly and helpless situation into some kind of mythic Greek tragedy. Yet in reality it was more akin to a bad sitcom that never made it past the pilot episode. I wanted to emphasise the importance of self-awareness and critical thought and to draw attention to the trap of fabricated grandiosity we all fall into at one time or another. If we’re not careful, it’s something that can open us up to ideological suicide and a blissful ignorance of our flaws and vulnerabilities.

You never need permission to be uncompromisingly steadfast in the accuracy of your own direct, lived experience. This is different from “being yourself” in the way someone trying to sell you something may describe it – being yourself and being different are not synonymous. This part is where the deception occurs, between the individual and the corporatised cult of “individualism.”

The only thing that is truly reliable and consistent is YOUR own experience; YOUR instincts, YOUR interpretation of yourself and the world, YOUR sexuality and so on. YOUR truth likely isn’t going to look like anything you’ve seen or heard or imagined before.

It’s similarly of the utmost importance that when embracing your own self, to leave room for others to do the same and not try to impose your reality onto anyone else. In response to a society that’s become sick, I hope this message of radical empathy can move us away from individualism and nihilism, towards connection with ourselves and others.

This all makes us far more resilient to social engineering, cultural indoctrination, and delusion. We’re ultimately more able to handle the daily onslaught of disempowering messaging and overt attempts to turn us into something malleable and controllable. Question everything, accept nothing as gospel, and don’t allow anyone else but yourself to define who you are or what your experience truly is.

Listen to more of Spike here: spike.lnk.to/junkielogic