Sophisticated Pervert

He has exquisitely poor taste. It’s not hard to spot a thinly-veiled affinity for the raunchy and lewd in the very way he carries himself. He’ll agree, subversion has its kicks, but indulgence is his top-priority.
He’s probably the bastard son of Dorian Gray and John Waters. I’ve been calling him a “sophisticated pervert” — although, I realize I’ve been projecting more than a little bit.
Through making this series, I finally
accepted what I’ve been to bashful to admit: I’m kind of a pervert. Sorry, Mom and Dad! But thank you, Brian, for playing along with me! Call it sophomoric, call it unholy, whatever it might be. But I feel sorry for the puritan who thinks filthy isn’t fun.
Photography & Styling: Iris Ray, Model: Brian Harwick