Smells Like Teen Blaming: Why you all Need to Quit Hating on the Girl Who Wore the Kurt Cobain Suicide Letter Shirt

kurtcobainWhether you’re the queen bee or the kid who hangs out alone in the library, high school is a pretty difficult time for everybody with hormone levels running as high as your pressure to get good grades. It’s around this time when you start to mold your own identity and make some pretty questionable life and wardrobe decisions. Let’s face it, we were all idiots aged thirteen – they’re not called your “awkward teen years” for no reason.

The internet is currently getting their knickers in a twist over teenage Destiny Flores uploading a selfie wearing a t-shirt unfortunately emblazoned with Kurt Cobain’s suicide note. Naturally the web threw a hissy fit against her, though their anger should truly be directed towards the creators of the reprehensible garment. Destiny probably should’ve considered the repercussions involved with wearing such a distasteful print but that’s really no excuse for fully grown adults to be publicly attacking her over the internet. All this negative attention is enough for anyone to want to delete their Twitter account, curl up into the foetal position and cry for a hundred years. Impressively her tweets of self love are out-trolling the haters although it doesn’t seem that hard to get over because the arguments against Flores and her new top are pretty weak:

“She probably doesn’t even know who Nirvana are”

Of course she knows who Nirvana are; everyone in the Western world knows who Kurt Cobain and his not-so-merry band of slightly unwashed men are. This toddler who gets woken up from his nap by his parents blasting Breed through the stereo fucking loves them. They are genuinely one of the most famous bands to have ever existed, unless this girl was born under a rock and continued living there for the whole of eternity, she definitely one hundred per cent knows about them.

“She’s trying too hard to be cool”

Like you have never? Don’t deny that there’s been at least one instance in your life where you’ve pretended to like something just because your mate or some famous person you idolise did. Back when you were her age you probably made your parents buy your first pair of Vans, purely because you knew that Bam Margera wore them and he wassooooo alternative and edgy compared to all those Pop Idol wankers.

Or maybe it was the other way around, perhaps you pretended to dislike something because it didn’t fit in with your image or your friend group would’ve turned their nose up at it. Back in high school there was a time where I pretended to despise anything that wasn’t played on Kerrang! but what nobody knew that when I was alone in my room, I was totally still jamming to Britney Spears and NOW CDs.

Everyone at some stage has tried done something to try and fit in with those they admire, if this wasn’t true then there wouldn’t be a bajillion teen dramas where the storyline follows a not-so-popular character’s attempt to get noticed by the cool kids. If you have honestly never feigned enthusiasm or denied interest towards something then either you’re lying to yourself or you’re a bonafide angel, but it’s probably the first one and that’s not cool at all.

“Kurt Cobain didn’t die to get his fucking suicide note put on some crop top that some high school party girl will buy at Urban Outfitters”

Kurt Cobain also didn’t die to have sad-acts like Walter Davis slandering women to up his punk credibility. The issue that Mr. Davis and the rest of the haters should be addressing is that some sick fuckers are making money from suicide and that is the actual problem here. Nobody should be capitalising on another’s tragic death, yet nobody should be inciting others to join in bullying a girl much younger than them either.

Yes, it was unwise of her to pick that shirt from the plentiful amount of other Nirvana tops on offer, but she is a literal teenager who may not know better. If these people were genuinely concerned about her choice in t-shirt, then they should be educate her to make better decisions instead of spreading her image across the entire internet so that they can laugh and circlejerk over how cool they are.

Feel free to carry on slating Urban Outfitters as they’re notoriously awful for stealing work without artists’ permission and exploiting mental health issues for profit, but FYI; high school party girls wouldn’t be caught seen in a Kurt Cobain crop top. Even if they did decide to adorn that doesn’t fit in with their usual then it’s of concern to no-one else, so please never act like you’re the authority on what other people can wear because it’s not your place to say.


Words & Illustrations by Hatti Rex