I have always found solace in intimate moments alone or with a girlfriend in our rooms, it’s a strong part of what makes up me, and I wanted to display this closeness through my images. Most of my time as a teenager has been spent in scenes like this one. I wanted to portray something wholesome, something real.

A girl’s view, of a predominantly girl’s experience. There are obvious elements that open a discussion surrounding girls experiencing body dysmorphia, and how exposure of shoots like this can be something to comfort and nurture.  These are the times spent getting ready, waiting on your call, alone back from the party, glamorised and over-emphasised, an opportunity to explore that kind of dimensionality from within. 

Director/Editor/Photographer/MUA/Composer: Rahnee Bliss, Styling: Millie Sykes, Sound Design by Rahnee Bliss & Isidora Freifeld, Cinematographer/Production Assistant/Set Design/Assistant Director: Orion Jarvis, Models: Julianna Yao & Atia Rahim