Remember the Glaciers: Introducing Elizabeth Farrell

lizziefrMost commonly known in the virtual world as Glacier Girl, I am a 19-year-old visual environmental activist from London. I was awarded a ‘Gap Scholarship’, (for this year), by the Royal Geographical Society for my project ‘Remember The Glaciers’ and am starting university in September to study geography and environmental studies.

Remember The Glaciers aims to raise awareness about climate change; adapting the aesthetic of ‘Eco- friendly’ to appeal to the iGeneration and uncountable generations to come. I’m trying to create work that entertains discussion on climate issues in a way that we as a generation can relate to. For me it’s important to use imagery, as the majority of us are visual thinkers it only seems logical. I struggle to articulate clearly my ideas and images bring another dimension enabling me to communicate a message effectively.

Climate change is the ultimate issue and through tackling this we will be working to solve other important issues such as equality and poverty. I feel we are becoming increasingly immune to devastating world news. It’s almost as though the actuality that we are causing/exacerbating suffering isn’t enough of an issue for us to respond. There seems to be this shared misconception that climate change is a future prediction or form of conspiracy. However, ‘climate change is not a political debate, it is a scientific reality’. I want to dissolve the idea that we are living in a protected bubble in which we are untouchable and to show people that climate change will effect us all.

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My biggest inspirations are James Balog and Naomi Klien. The idea for Remember The Glaciers came as a byproduct of watching ‘Chasing Ice’, (featuring James Balog). He photographs glaciers almost as a memory/ diary of their existence and for us to witness our mistakes through their melting/ disappearance. There are two routes we can take on this, it’s either: remember the glaciers in our daily lives and reduce the human impact. Or then there’s the undesirable route of remembering the glaciers when they’re gone and thinking about how we didn’t do enough to prevent that phenomena. Try then to enjoy the desolation we’re living in knowing that we were accountable. We have the power to choose our path, let’s do it while we still can.

And of course we have the fabulous Naomi Klein! ‘This Changes Everything Capitalism vs The Climate’. Never has it taken me so long to read a book, usually by now I would have given up. It’s probably been at least six months since I started. Every sentence is so thought provoking and inspiring that I can’t possibly continue until I’ve produced a responsive creation to share. I like to think of my current work as the illustration of thought processes through reading her insightful piece.

In order to stay relevant to my audience I think it would be great if any of you have any questions or topics you would like me to discuss to let me know! Send me your q’s as either Instagram DM @glacier996girl or email me: and make the subject “Polyester Q’s” (anonymity is fine too) and keep an eye out for my next post where your questions could be answered.<3

My work can be found on my Instagram @glacier996girl and here:

All imagery by Elizabeth