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Rebirth is based on the theme of London’s underground club scene. The model Kevin represents the spirit of this scene with his amazing style and addictive personality. He is living proof that the spirit of this club culture is just as strong as ever, despite rapid gentrification and the closing down of iconic venues across London.

The white cotton clothing was made with a staple gun, and for each look Kevin took apart the white cotton himself and remade the pieces into something new using only scissors and a staple gun. He then styled himself according to what he created each time.

The clothing has several meanings. Although it represents party specific pieces that can be transformed time and time again, (thus promoting sustainable fashion and originality within club culture), there is a much deeper meaning about the evolution of London’s underground club culture spirit. The clothes act as a metaphor for the spirit of London, which is not dying from gentrification, but instead being born again and again into something else – which is evident in the constant discovery of new areas and venues across the city. The use of white cotton represents a blank canvas for what can happen in the future.

Rebirth is a celebration of club culture and a celebration of change. Change is good and can also be for the better – we just need to make an effort to keep the spirit going. And this set of images prove that we will.

Photography and words by Ryan Oliver Peterson