Realms Vs Alice Go: NewBorn Remix

Inspired by a family of blood and non blood sisters and a tube ride, Realms’ new song ‘NewBorn’ tells the story of seven sisters who come to earth to protect womankind.

Realms is the project of Brighton-based musician Alexa Povey and this new track of hers is a mesmerising meld of heavy guitar riffs and ethereal vocals.

‘NewBorn’ comes with a remix by Alice Go, who plays guitar in Dream Wife and produces her own music under the name TWIN//VENUS.

Alice’s remix transforms ‘NewBorn’ almost out of recognition and turns the soft rock tune into an eerie, distortion-heavy incantation. Using repetitive beat patterns and otherworldly cut-up vocals, Alice creates a visceral interpretation of a mystical tale.

‘NewBorn’ and its remix are out now on HoneyBabe records, a DIY label run by Alice Go. Check them out below.



Alice Go: Instagram / Facebook / HoneyBabe Records

Realms: Instagram / Facebook / Realms