ShopFloorWhore Polyester Zine

Queens Don’t Need Kings- ShopFloorWhore’s new look book is here!

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The pressure to be the perfect prom Queen is a ball ache, forced fun is the worst and FYI not every girl dreams of being a Princess. Our latest collection embodies the spirit of the babe strong enough to step out on her own, ditch the limits set upon her by society and run head on into the tinsel curtain of life, with the knowledge she doesn’t need anyone’s validation. It’s about kicking convention up the arse and challenging normcore drenched in glitter. You get the picture, now go forth and be the babe you were always destined to be. Shopfloorwhore XX


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Photographer: Maximillion Hetherington
Styling: Hannah Grunden
Set design: Amy Exton
MUA: Terri Ann Aubrey-Smith
Model: Laura May Gascoyne & Hannah Grunden