The Queen Herself

Hungarian photographer Hanna Rédling enters the world of an unknown queen of kitsch…

I’ve been saving hotels from the internet for years now, this is how I discovered ‘Koningin van Pieterburen’, during the time I was living in Amsterdam. Pieterburen is a tiny village with around 400 inhabitants, located up towards the North of the Netherlands.

In this village is where Astrid vanRose lives and runs her magical guesthouse with her husband. For 35 years Astrid has been an artist/singer/entertainer and also a kitsch-collector.

Her unique hotel offers the perfect opportunity for children who stay there, to let their imagination run wild and for the adults to rekindle their own child within.

It was in March 2018 when I was first traveling to Pieterburen to meet Astrid. I helped her out by dog-sitting as well as welcoming guests and fixing breakfast for them.

As time passed Astrid made me become a part of her quirky worlds. Since then I’ve been trying to find my own fictional character next to her and photograph our everyday life together.