Pure Confidence

Alyia Soraya states on her Photo Series Confidence “Confidence is such a simple and common word that’s tossed around to give a message but how rare it is to look at a photo and say, “hey, I could do that too. Hey, I wanna be dancing in my bra, too.” and that’s what I’m trying to portray in this series. I didn’t want to complicate it. Kiya, the model wasn’t so comfortable when I told her to be herself infront of the camera because she wasn’t used to a stranger seeing that part of her, let alone taking photographs of her during that moment. I told her to pretend that I wasn’t there and kept playing her favorite songs for her to dance to so that she’s genuinely in the moment and she was.”

Photograph: Alayia Soraya
Model: Kiya
Make up: Zenty Suraya.