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And to celebrate this milestone we’re releasing four new zines that represent the core of what Polyester is.


Saving Ourselves: a charity publication focusing on reproductive justice. (100 pages, a5 on uncoated paper).

With the narrowing of abortion laws across the states as well as the current restrictions on abortion across the world, Saving Ourselves in an exploration of  21st century reproductive justice. A mixture of educational resources, personal essays, illustration, photography and more. All profit from this zine will be donated to Planned Parenthood & Abortion Rights U.K

Featuring: Panteha Abareshi, Afrosexology, Eve Archer, Ashley Armitage, Theresa Baxter, Sofie Birkin, Hannah Buckman, Abril Carissimo, Maisie Cousins, Luisa Le Voguer Couyet, Stella Creasy, Dream Wife, The Feminist Library, Mila Gonzalez, Tania Guerra, Harriet Harman, Laura Hodgkin, Kai Isaiah Jamal, Maisie Jo, Kenny Ethan Jones, Nuria Just, Handi Kim, Courtney Love, Chau Luong, Rene Matić, Rosa Mercuriadis, Bernice Mulenga, Polly Nor, Clio Peppiatt, Signe Pierce, Ranafarba, Ruby Rare, Dame Paula Rego, Honey Ross, Chloe Sheppard, Jacky Sheridan, Tulip Siddiq, Sayang Sounds, Marlena Synchyshyn, Ashleigh Tribble, Tori West, Melek Zertal.

Non Threatening Boys*: a critical look at modern masculinity.  (60 pages, a5 on uncoated paper). 

Harking back to 90’s teen magazines, and paying homage to Lisa Simpsons Favourite read, Non Threatening Boys takes a femme-first gaze on masculinity. Both through serious analysis of what masculinity means to all of our lives, as well as tongue in cheek quizzes, lists, illustrative work and photography.

Featuring: Benito Skinner (Benny Drama), Dorian Electra, Ian Alexander (The OA), Kai Isaiah Jamal, Rachel Hodgson, Lauren O’Neill, Sirin Kale, Hannah Ewens, Pamela Des Barres, Dominic Myatt, Bunny Bisoux, Misha MN, Esme Blegvad, Hatti Rex and more.

The Polyester Beauty Issue. (60 pages, 210 x 210 mm on silk and uncoated paper). 

A photo zine with joint creative direction by Ione Gamble and Polyester’s beauty editor Mona Leanne, The Polyester Beauty issue is a visual manifesto as to what we believe beauty should mean in 2019.

Featuring work from: Lucy Alex Mac, Chloe Sheppard, Jender Anomie, Roxy Lee (Sausage and Custard), Alia Romagnoli,  Michiyo Yanagihara, and more.

In The Bath, Dick in Hand, He Wants Only Pleasure, But Others Need to Pee – A Photo Book by Camille Mariet. (60 pages, 210 x 210 mm on silk and uncoated paper). 

The first photo book by 24 year old LA based photographer Camille Mariet.  Mariet’s work focuses on themes of gender, sex, power, and violence. Referencing midcentury advertising, pornography, and cinema, Mariet constructs fictive scenes of sexual abandon and murderous violence in lurid detail and with explosive colour. 

The scenes are at once grotesque and glamorous; cold and alienating, yet inviting and tactile. But Others Need to Pee casts a gaze that’s at once adoring and hostile towards the pleasures and pains of modern femininity.


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