Porridge Radio Video Premiere

The first thing I did after watching the new video for Porridge Radio’s song ‘And I Was Like’ is google ‘Did Isaac Newton die a virgin?’. And I’m gonna bet that you do the same. 

Porridge Radio are an elastic Brighton-based group of between 1 and 5 people and their track ‘And I Was Like’ is a minute-and-a-half long dreamy, grungy burst of emotion about carving your own path and being fed up with your mum. The video was shot by Franz Violet, who plays in the band West America (who Porridge Radio released a split tape with last year) and features found footage from an 80s TV show as well shots of the band on tour. Touring with this lot looks like fun and seems to include, as well as playing gigs, adequate amounts of running/driving around, outdoors music-making, hotel corridor banter and rolling around on the road – literally.

Here is how Porridge Radio describe ‘And I Was Like’: “The feel of the song and the video catch the intensity and confusion and excitement of what it feels like to tour when you’re in a DIY band trying to figure out what the hell you’re doing (also relevant to when we aren’t touring and also when we are just trying to exist…).”

The video is released today ahead of the re-release of Porridge Radio’s album  ‘Rice, Pasta And Other Fillers’ on vinyl on March 3rd via DIY label Memorials of Distinction. Watch it below.

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