We Celebrate Sad Girls on Episode Five of the Podcast

It’s the sad girl episode! Guest hosted by beloved Polyester contributor and writer Lauren O’Neill. We’re super excited to be talking to Melissa Broder, the writer behind Twitter account So Sad Today, about her novel The Pisces. 

Melissa and Lauren discuss how to navigate the void of our existence, the enmeshing of intimate relationships with our mental health, love, loss, abjection and everything in between. Melissa also offers her tips on writing across multiple mediums, the jump from memoir to fiction, and much more. 

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For our obsessions series, this episode we catch up with artist Rachel Hodgson — who will be pouring her heart out and confessing her love for crying alone on public transport. Including the catharsis a good public weep brings, to her go to songs when shedding a tear on the bus, and the privilege of embracing our feminine hysteria in the age of the internet.

Melissa’s novel The Pisces, which has been longlisted for The Women’s Prize for Fiction 2019, is available now on paperback and we love it! Click here to get a copy of your own. And keep up with Rachel’s work here.  This weeks episode artwork is also made by Rachel. 

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