Polly As In Polyester: An Interview With GFOTY


Flashback to early ’00s Hot Topic fashion that you could never quite pull off with Ambar Navarro’s shoot and interview with emerging British pop star GFOTY.

1. Hi GFOTY! I was so excited to hear about your new album “Call Him A Doctor” which dropped in Oct right after we did this shoot, can you tell us a little bit about the process of your album and  your obsession with doctors?

Thanks you! Doctors are healing people most of the time if they understand what’s actually wrong with you. It is a follow up to my previous release VIPOTY which focuses on me and my battle with some loser called Polly, who was also in love with my boyfriend at the time CHAD, but chads been unwell recently so thought I should Call Him A Doctor. Musically, it’s a lot more what Polly would be into, and I felt so guilty for poisoning her a whole back that I thought I should treat her with some music which she could get down too.


2.Your newest music video Heaven is very ethereal and you become very saint like, can you talk a little bit about the concept of the song/video?

Heaven is where we will all end up, I think the people who end up in hell will see Hell as a sort of Heaven and the people who go to heaven will see Heaven as a sort of hell because we all find faults in even the things we love the most, so I wanted to create a jarring sense of uncertainty as to whether it’s a nice pure song or an evil one.


3. Will we be seeing more of Polly vs. GFOTY?

It’s a constant battle to be honest, I often start to lose my mind and forget which one I really am and then I start to hate myself because i start to believe I’m this demon being who frightens everyone. I often forget that I am actually a good person – I don’t think the battle will ever truly end until GFOTY and Polly both pass away. To put it simply every thing I put out / write is basically a battle between two minds.


4.What are some of your fave songs on the new album?

I like them all! But personally faves- Mr E because my boyfriend is a guitar king! Snakes and Ladders is nice, Wood U and You Don’t are also good, Lemsip is insanely great too – and Heaven – and Call him a Doctor… did I miss any?


5.Any future plans for GFOTY?

I hope so! Got a vid for Poison coming out v soon and new music is always potentially around the corner – Been writing a book and some other stuff and hopefully I’ll get married one day!


Photographer: Ambar Navarro

Nails: Bakeneko Nails