Pastels & Poetry


 ‘Pastels & Poetry’ is an ongoing poetry & photo project by published writer, Raychel Reimer. Reimer visually showcases her poetry works in uniquely assembled frames to catch the reader’s eye. The purpose of the bold colour use in Reimer’s project is to not shy away from her own personal femininity, and to deconstruct the idea that bright colours are neither gendered or juvenile.

“‘Pastels & Poetry’ is a balance I’m finding between writing poetry and expressing myself visually. In my new project, I showcase my new & old pieces amongst bright coloured backgrounds, quirky household objects, flowers from the park, etc. At first glance, the images may appear light and joyful, but the content I produce isn’t always exactly that. So often, women feel the need to hide their femininity in order for their work to be taken seriously, which I have always felt uncomfortable with. I like pink, I like flowers – that shouldn’t say anything about my gender or my professionalism. All I’m trying to do is produce real, raw work and make it nice to look at while I’m at it.”

Raychel Reimer is a freelance artist based out of Vancouver, Canada. A lover of many platforms, she is not only a filmmaker, but also a published writer and photographer. Working towards her goals in the film industry, Reimer continues to create non-fiction art through all of these mediums. She is recognised for pairing poetry with photographs, in projects such as Head-to-Toe and 100 Tides.