PARIS, ESSEX, TEXAS is a satirical expression loosely based on the Film “Paris, Texas” and follows “Candy Sue” and her lover “Jae” through their first initial love to a more damaging unrequited love. I have portrayed these images to try and seem like their movie stills and have sequenced the images in reverse order to enhance the story. I have also tried to capture the mundanity of Essex and the similarity it’s areas have to Mid West suburbia. I have contrasted this with a more obscure styling and makeup to create juxtaposition and humour. I took these images with an analogue camera to try and gain the raw warmth from the film in order to make the final images seem more authentic, trying to capture the similar aesthetics of the movie mentioned.

Photography and Styling: Sam Geroldi, Starring: Sylvie Beam as “Candy Sue” & Jae Lempriere as “Essex Boy”,  Makeup and Hair: Kumiko Ando