Ones To Watch At The Great Escape 2017

The Great Escape festival happens every springtime in Brighton and it’s always the occasion to get a great overview of what’s happening around Europe and the world in terms of new music. It opens the summer festival season, and is also the place where hundreds of festival-goers get introduced to their new favourite act. Grimes, The XX, Savages, Haim and Metronomy all played there long before they became the household indie names they are now. Here are a few artists that have caught our attention this year; you should go see them live if you are down in Brighton this weekend.

Agar Agar

“Astral dreams and a night chase meet a world between real and unreal where kitsch is being redefined.” This is how French duo Agar Agar describe their music and this cryptic sentence starts to make sense when you listen to their debut EP ‘Cardan’. Clara Cappagli and Armand Bultheel met at art school in Paris and composed their first songs as an homage to their librarian. Armand is obsessed with vintage synths and drum machines, Clara sings in a garage rock band and together they make music that feels raw and powerful, somewhere between synth-pop and acid-disco.

The EP ‘Cardan’ is out now on Cracki Records.

Agar Agar will play on Friday at 11:30pm at Komedia Studio.

Check out their latest video here.


Noga Erez

Funnily enough, what put Noga Erez on our radar was a track called ‘Off The Radar’. The bold, relentless beats and defiant vocals were impossible to ignore. Erez was born in Israel four days before the Gulf War started, and the music she makes in collaboration with her studio partner Ori Rousso reflects the energy and tension of her surroundings. Her song ‘Dance While You Shoot’ expresses her “shame and anger” towards a government that steals, cheats and shoots, while acknowledging the guilt attached to living a privileged life. The video for ‘Off The Radar’ is a surreal, colourful take on “the concept of being judged, and the perceived necessity of having to meet the expectations of others, ” as directors Eden Kalif and Daniella Meroz explain. Watch it for yourself below.

The album ‘Off The Radar’ will be released on June 2nd via City Slang.

Noga Erez will play on Friday at 10:30pm at Komedia Studio.

Check out their latest video here.


Gothic Tropic

Gothic Tropic is the brainchild of Italian American Cecilia Della Peruti, who taught herself to play guitar listening to Television and Fleetwood Mac, honed her shredding skills as part of Charli XCX’s live band and eventually wrote an album that triumphantly mixes shimmering pop with psych and classic rock. ‘Fast or Feast’ was written about the ruthlessness of music-making and life in general. “The chances of becoming homeless or renting a jet are somehow equal, with no middle ground”, says Peruti. Every song on the album is different, and ‘Fast or Feast’ will appeal to fans of Polyester alumni Dream Wife and Cherry Glazerr, or of Gothic Tropic’s LA peers Warpaint and Haim.

The album ‘Fast or Feast’ will be released on May 19th via Old Flame.

Gothic Tropic will play on Thursday at 7:15pm at Green Door Store.
Check out their latest video here. 




She-Devils are a Montreal-based electronic duo comprised of Audrey Ann Boucher and Kyle Jukka. Though Audrey Ann is not related to Claire Boucher aka Grimes, the latter loves the band and both acts are part of the Arbutus Records family. She-Devils’ first EP was based mostly on looped samples and released for free on Bandcamp. The same haunting quality and 60s-inspired romanticism are present in the new singles ‘Hey Boy’ and ‘The World Laughs’ and we expect great things from their self-titled album, set for release on Friday.

The album ‘She-Devils’ will be released on May 19th via Secretly Canadian.

She-Devils will play on Saturday at 11:45pm at Komedia Studio.

Check out their latest video here.

Words: Luna Cohen-Solal

Credits: Irwin Barbé, Tonje Thilesen, David Lekach, Sarah O’Driscoll