Not Your Exotic

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In the spirit Suheir Hammad’s poem “Not Your Erotic, Not Your Exotic”, Melanie Lehmann decided to explore the idea of fetishised exoticism through a series of photographs & short videos. It explores the word “exotic” and highlights the microaggression and ignorance attached to it in terms of categorising people by using one umbrella term for the “other”.

Through this project Lehmann is trying to eliminate the concept of the exotic by using stereotypical images of “exotic” destinations – the beach. The exotic is no longer the setting, it has become the hyperreal situation the model finds herself in.

Creative Director/Set design/Visual Effect: Melanie Lehmann
Photographer: Annie Lai
Stylist: Candice Lo
MUA: Velta Berzina
Hair: Ismail Laraqui
Model: Paula Kigitovica (Body London)
3D artist: Xiaobo Fu