My Therapist Knows You on a First Name Basis

03 My Therapist Knows You

The third instalment of, ‘My Therapist Gave Me An Assignment- Write About Your Ex’ 

I joined the psychiatry coalition four months ago and at first it seemed extremely beneficial and necessary, but being that my sessions are just 45 minutes, I feel like I’m constantly reacquainting myself and catching my therapist up to speed. I always toy back and forth with the idea that I’m asking for too much from this person, by demanding that she already be up to speed each session. I mean, I see her every other week. I get it, she’s got other cases and patients that are probably far worse. However, I take it personally if I’ve been open enough to be vulnerable and then you mix up my ex’s name with my father’s or brothers’. It’s like, I pay you out of pocket $200.00 for 45 minutes every other week and you’re still foggy on my life’s details? I take offense.

Words and illustration by Megan Tatem

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