Happy Monday ! Colleen Anderhub‘s illustrates a depiction our forever Monday Mood .

She’s back! Charmer 2 is here! Another day in the life of our sassy witch trying to make it happen in the big smoke.
Staying up till 4am drinking homemade wine and making potions apparently does not come without consequences…? Weird.
It’s alright cos if you put lipstick on, spin around and say ‘bloody mary’ in the mirror 3 times, it’ll give the illusion that you have your life together. 
Why aren’t magic broomsticks socially acceptable modes of transport?!
 Call centre life. Come on, Sarah, just cos your crush is a Scorpio doesn’t mean you’ll get lucky with her within an hour of meeting…give it two hours at least.
It’s nice that they let you out for an hour a day just to wonder about why the heck you’ve chosen to live in a polluted, overcrowded bin bag of a city with millions of people that seem to love finding any excuse to queue up. For literally anything.
 Sometimes you need a stranger in the park to tell you how it is. Why do you feel like you’ve known this bird all your life? They really get you, man.
Mystical talking birds are never wrong.
Swiping to manifest your dream girl. She’s out there! And she’s waiting for your call!
Cheffing in the kitchen, she’s done this before. They don’t call her Charmer for nothin.
And now… we wait.