Meet the self-proclaimed Trans Deamon

Charlie Craggs selects three Trans sisters to talk to whilst decorating their nails for #Nailit #NailsTransphobia campaign. Meet Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley the self-proclaimed Trans Deamon.

Danielle a.k.a Ladydangfua 

I’m a black trans artist working in animation and sound in order to unpack living as a trans body. As well as dreaming of a physical archive which would document our existence I also look at what it may be like to rediscover trans history through the fantasy of having the chance to resurrect unarchived trans people. To access buried histories. Maybe buried solutions and societies.  I am pretty much constantly exhausted with how I have to wrestle with being hyper-visible while invisibly silent at the same time. Animation gives me the chance to use technology as a means to represent an archive we don’t have. I can look at how we do live and what we are missing. How we can care for each other separate from systems that do not care about us. 

I am inspired deeply by video game’s. The chance of looking for representation through who you can play as – while expecting to find yourself absent from the fantasy world. That these worlds could centre our existence and emulate an existence that can never be in real life.

Being trans has been exhausting recently.  My trans family is keeping me alive right now. I am trying to get HRT right now which is a fight between money I don’t have and facing a medical system that sees my choice as unnecessary.  I am trying to use my practice to work through that and archive the process that this is, as well as the pain waiting causes but I am only doing that to cope with it. My practice is just a way of me coping with living as unpacking these experiences that I feel and are not often seen

Photography by Scarlett Shaney