World premiere of Will Reid’s short film, Maude.

A girl’s infatuation with her inanimate best friend drives her boyfriend to commit a violent crime of passion.

A film by Will Reid.
A 322 Films production. 2016.

Starring –

Ellie Hoskyns-Abrahall as Girl
Oliver de Montfalcon as Boy
Maude, as herself

Written and Directed by Will Reid
Produced by Poppy Ashton

Director of Photography – Will Reid

Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe – Alice Dodds and Ellie Hoskyns-Abrahall
Production Designer – Katie Della Valle
Art Department – Katie Della Valle, Verity Smiley Jones, Oli Sharland, Alice Dodds
Graphic Design & Maude’s faces by Oli Sharland

Maude birthed as an artwork by Ellie Hoskyns-Abrahall

Edited by Will Reid
Colourist – Billy Boyd Cape

Sound Mix by Dennis White
Score by Macintosh Plus –

Production Assistants
Susie Joseph
Livvy Lightfoot
Emma Friedl

Stills Photographer – Verity Smiley Jones

Special Thanks to –
Shân Servatjoo
Mandy Reid
Chris Reid
Ed Reid
Ramona Xavier
Tom Younger
Billy Boyd Cape
Carol Beer
Semmy the Taxi Driver
Lucy Hawkin