Marge Simpsons Top Five Fashion Moments.


Marge Simpson’s had her fair share of high fashion coverage. Makeovers from Karl Lagerfeld, her own Project Runway episode and lets not forget that Playboy cover, its fair to say that Mrs. Simpson has earnt her icon status. To celebrate the release of her MAC collection, which lands online today, we take a look back at Marge’s best in episode style moments, because there’s no denying she’s at her best when styling herself.


1.) The Chanel two piece from ‘Scenes of a Class Struggle in Springfield’

Probably Marge’s most fashion forward outfit- and bought for only $90! This Chanel two-piece was a steal, and a look that’s been imitated by everyone from Meadham Kirchhoff to Jeremy Scott. The skirt suit may have began its life as legitimate ready to wear, but undergoes many redesigns, (some cute, some not so cute), due to pressure from her new found gal pals at the country club. In the end, Marge ditches her upper class frenemies and chows down on a Krusty Burger- still decked out her in her cut price Chanel. So Moschino!


2.) The coat from ‘Marge in Chains’

It seems that stress brings out the best in Marge. She may have thrown this 70’s shag coat on after being forced out the house by her ever nagging family, but this get up could be straight off the back of another one of Polyester’s style icons, Penny Lane from Almost Famous. Used to smuggle a bottle of bourbon, this outfit ended up landing her a stint in jail. But if there’s anyone that can rock orange overalls apart from Laverne Cox, it’s our girl Marge.


3.) Her wedding dress in ‘I Married Marge’

1.)  This is a woman that was wearing flower crowns before you could even utter the words ‘Reading Festival’. Her look may seem passé now, but floral head wreaths and peplum weren’t always confined to Boohoo and Misguided customers you know. Did we mention that Homer proposed with an onion ring? Swoon!


4.) Her Thelma and Louise moment in ‘Marge on the Lam’


Uncharacteristically joining her new next door neighbour Ruth on a crime spree, turns out that all it takes to transform Marge in to a badass bona fide criminal is a slick of red lipstick, (we bet its Ruby Woo), and a casually slung preppy jumper.

“Lisa: I always knew someday Mom would violently rise up and cast off the shackles of our male oppressors.

 Bart: Ehh, shut your yap.”


5.) The witch costume from ‘Treehouse of Horror VIII’

Do we even need to explain? Witch costumes are always a good look, but we’re also lusting after Marge’s buckled boots.

The collection is available now online, and will hit stores on the fourth of September. We’ll be first in line for the Nacho Cheese Explosion Lipglass! 

Words by Ione Gamble